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How to Reinstate Your License after a California DUI

How to Reinstate Your License after a California DUI

Getting your license suspended is one of the harshest DUI penalties. Everyone in Southern California relies on their vehicle to get to and from work. If your license was suspended after a DUI, you will want to get it reinstated as soon as possible to fix your transportation issues. Our Orange County DUI defense lawyers explain what you can do to get your license reinstated.

Can I Reinstate My License After a DUI?

Your license won’t automatically get reinstated when your license suspension period ends. To get your license reinstated after a DUI, you will need to follow specific steps before you can legally drive again.

Step 1: Complete your license suspension period - If your license was suspended after a DUI, you will need to wait for that period to pass until you can get your license reinstated.

Step 2: Complete DUI school - If the court ordered you to take DUI traffic school, you will need to complete the course before you can get your license back. In most cases, DUI school will last between three to thirty months, depending on your conviction.

Step 3: Complete other sentencing obligations - Some DUI sentences carry other penalties, such as rehab, jail time, the installation of an interlock device, and more. You might need to complete all the terms of your sentence before you can reinstate your license.

Step 4: Get car insurance - Before applying for reinstatement, you will need to get a specific type of insurance and complete the SR-22 form to prove that you have it.

Step 5: Apply for reinstatement - You can apply for reinstatement at your local DMV office. Since the reinstatement process can be long and complicated, it is best to have an experienced attorney guide you through the process to ensure that you have everything you need when you apply for license reinstatement.

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