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Defense Against Criminal Charges in Orange County

Legal Guidance for Charges from Misdemeanors to Felonies

In the wake of a serious criminal arrest or accusation, you may be concerned as to where you should turn and how you can gain the legal and emotional support that you need to make it through the next few steps. Fortunately, a practiced law firm in your area is experienced and prepared to take on virtually any type of criminal case. From felonies to misdemeanors, the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry has seen it all. Despite the specific details of your case, it is always strongly suggested to seek the professional advice of an Orange County criminal defense attorney before moving forward with your case. To discuss your rights, and how to protect them, you can email Ms. Landry and her staff here. In addition, you can listen to, and or download, her OC, CA Criminal Defense Attorney podcast episodes by clicking here.

Bringing a homemade defense to case is a dangerous plan; it is one that should never be put into action. Instead, having a tailor-made defense by an experienced lawyer is your best option. With resources of a criminal defense attorney at your side, you will have a more favorable chance of finding a positive outcome in the end. At our office, the main priority is to ensure that your rights and best interests are kept in mind, and your freedom is ultimately sought.

Our firm assists clients in a variety of criminal charges, including the following:

  • Felonies and Misdemeanors – Many defendants often wonder what the difference between felony and misdemeanor offenses are. The truth is, misdemeanors are less serious and generally hold less severe consequences than felonies. Though, many misdemeanor offenses actually hold penalties such as a year of imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Drug CrimesDrug crimes are among the most serious offenses in the state of California. Orange County has notoriously been an area where drugs and drug offenses are prominent, and even being involved with the “wrong crowd” can land you a criminal sentence.
  • DUI Defense – The defense of drunk driving charges is difficult, but not impossible. Simply because you have been charged with DUI does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted. Police officers are human too, and make mistakes; a simple error in the breath test reading can result in inadmissible evidence.
  • Violent CrimesCrimes against another person, or violent crimes as they are often referred to, are the most lethal and troubling offenses. If you have been wrongly accused of this type of offense, it is immediately important for you to consult an attorney to take the proper defense steps.
  • Assault – The crime of assault is a tricky offense to defend, especially because the act of violence does not have to be carried for a person to be accused of assault. Assault can include criminal threats of violence upon another person with the apparent ability to carry out the threat.
  • Battery – Battery, similar to assault, is the violent act of intentionally hitting or striking another person against their will. Battery can come in the form of physical abuse or sexual touching, such as sexual battery. This offense is prosecuted very harshly in California, and experienced defense is required.
  • White Collar Crimes – Many people wonder what a white collar crime is, even if they have been accused of one already. A white collar criminal offense is one that involves business or finance, such as: a money laundering scheme, fraud, or embezzlement. If you have been charged with a white collar crime, call our firm immediately.
  • Theft CrimesThe physical act of stealing another person’s property or money with no intention of returning it is against the law, no matter how much or little the property costs. There are many different types of theft offenses, including: burglary, forgery, petty theft, auto theft and grand theft.
  • Shoplifting – Shoplifting, a common offense for juveniles and young adults in Orange County, has become a growing problem in the community. While some shoplift because they cannot afford to purchase certain goods, others do it simply because they believe they will get away with it. Unfortunately, many individuals get caught in the act.
  • Sex Crimes – Being accused of a sex offense, even if you are innocent, can be the most devastating moment in your life. A person who faces accusations of rape, sexual battery or statutory rape can face job loss, financial hardship and strained relationships with friends and family – before a conviction even occurs.
  • Juvenile CrimesMany young children and teenagers make mistakes, and we understand. If your child has been charged with an underage offense, it is important to get the legal help you deserve. In some cases, a juvenile may be prosecuted as an adult depending on the offense, therefore facing harsher consequences.
  • Weapons Charges – Have you been charged with a weapon offense such as unlawful use or possession of a firearm? Did you use deadly force in self-defense under the Castle Doctrine? Talking to a criminal defense lawyer should be your first priority in this matter. If the firearm was in fact fired, you may be facing enhanced penalties.
  • Domestic Violence – The act of domestic violence, or harming another member of your family, is frowned upon in society today. Unfortunately, while many cases go unmentioned, many more cases involve false accusations for a variety of reasons. Whether you were falsely accused after your child came home with a black eye or you are caught in a heated child custody battle and your ex wrongly accuses you of violence, talking to our firm should be a priority.

Talk to Our Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, our legal team has over 20 years of experience that could be used on your behalf. Founded in 1989, our firm has represented clients in all five Orange County courthouses.

Contact or call an Orange County criminal defense lawyer from our offices today at (949) 694-8804 for a free and confidential consultation.

Client Testimonials

At Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc., your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    "Best DUI attorney in Orange County. She far exceeded my expectations."
    Best DUI attorney in Orange County. She far exceeded my expectations. You can tell she cares about her clients. She’s strategic and relentless. If you want the best results possible, retain Virginia Landry.
    - Google Reviewer
    "She was very detailed and meticulous on how she handled my case and I couldn't be any happier with the outcome!"
    My case was dismissed DUI, due to her help. I sincerely appreciate it. My case is finally over now. If you have any concerns or cases, and you need help but can't find a trusted lawyer, I highly recommend hiring Virginia. She was very detailed and meticulous on how she handled my case and I couldn't be any happier with the outcome!! She is an excellent lawyer! Do not hesitate to contact her, and again I really appreciate her help!
    - Bella L.
    "Absolutely incredible and worth every penny spent. Her compassion is beyond my understanding"
    WOW!!!!! Virginia Landry is an absolute professional who knows what she's talking about. But she doesn't just talk, she is ALL ACTION. I was quite nervous as she was a referral and I'll have to say I'm so glad I was referred. Absolutely incredible and worth every penny spent. Her compassion is beyond my understanding, especially in these times. I can't say enough other than HIRE HER NOW!!! You will NOT be disappointed. A+++++++++
    - S.D.

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