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White Collar Crimes Put Our Experience in Your Corner

White Collar Crime Attorney in Orange County

What are white collar crimes?

A white collar crime is a criminal offense, usually involving the theft of funds, that takes place within a corporate or business setting. Crimes of this nature are usually committed by people who are in high profile, leadership positions such as executives, directors, and managers. These crimes cost large companies and the government vast amounts of money. It is estimated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) that white collar crimes cost the United States approximately $300 billion a year.

Frequently committed white collar crimes are:

Once a corporation believes that a person has committed a white collar crime, an extensive investigation will begin. White collar crime investigations can involve government agencies such as the FBI and the IRS. These investigations are vigorous and can last for years at a time. While the white collar crime is investigated, the accused may be subject to negative media and stigmas from co-workers, peers, friends, and family.

The legal penalties for a white collar crime conviction will depend upon several factors, such as: the defendant’s prior criminal history, the type of crime committed, and the amount of monetary damages. If a person is convicted of a white collar crime, he/she may be subject to paying restitution, jail time, fines, community service, probation, and legal fees. Additionally, the person will have a damaged professional reputation along with an offense permanently listed on his/her criminal record.

White Collar Criminal Lawyer in Orange County, CA

If you have been charged with a white collar crime in Orange County, talking to an Orange County criminal defense attorney is in your best interests . The Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry has successfully handled a vast array of white collar crime cases for clients in Orange County and surrounding areas over the last twenty years that the firm has been in practice. With extensive experience in the area of criminal law, the team can use this to your advantage before the trial and in court. With the experienced representation of a lawyer from our firm, your chances of a successful defense could be significantly higher.

For more information about white collar crimes, contact an Orange County white collar criminal attorney from our firm.

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