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4 Types of DUI Charges

4 Types of DUI Charges

When most people think of DUI charges, they think of an alcohol-impaired vehicle driver. However, drunk driving laws aren’t only limited to those circumstances. There are various types of enhanced DUI charges that a person can face. Regardless of the type of DUI a person is accused of, they could face serious penalties, such as jail time, suspended license, and hefty fees. Our Orange County DUI defense lawyers explain the four common types of DUI charges individuals face in California.

#1: Aggravated DUI

A DUI charge can quickly become severe if you are breaking multiple laws. A person can face aggravated DUI charges for committing another serious offense aside from drinking and driving. For example, driving with extremely high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) (above .08 percent) could increase your charges. Other examples include driving with a minor in the vehicle, having multiple DUI convictions, excessive speeding, or driving with a suspended or revoked license.

#2: Felony DUI

Certain circumstances can raise the level of a DUI charge to a felony. A conviction for a DUI felony can result in serious penalties and lasting consequences compared to a typical DUI misdemeanor charge. A DUI could become a felony if your drunk driving caused bodily harm to another. A certain number of prior DUI convictions can also lead to a felony DUI.

#3: Commercial DUI

Commercial DUI is another common type of enhanced DUI charge. Bus drivers, truck drivers, and other professionals with commercial driver’s licenses could face serious penalties if they are caught drinking and driving. Commercial drivers have regulations that prohibit them from driving with a .04 percent BAC or higher.

#4: Drunk Biking

You don’t need to be in your car to get a DUI charge, you can get one while riding your bike. Although getting a DUI while riding a bicycle is more unlikely, a person could face a misdemeanor criminal offense with a maximum $250 fine and no jail time.

If you face DUI charges, you must act now to avoid getting your license suspended. Contact our Orange County DUI defense lawyers today at 949-694-8804 to schedule a consultation!