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6 Benefits of Getting a DUI Expunged

6 Benefits of Getting a DUI Expunged

A DUI conviction doesn’t only result in immediate penalties, such as jail time, fees, and a suspended driver’s license. A DUI conviction can carry long-term consequences that can affect a person’s employment and more. If you’ve been convicted of a DUI and you’ve noticed that it has affected your opportunities, you have options. California law allows people to apply for post-conviction relief. Getting your criminal record expunged releases you from “all penalties and disabilities” arising from a conviction. If you aren’t sure whether a DUI expungement is right for you, our Orange County DUI attorneys explain its various benefits.

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Benefit #1: Get More Career Opportunities

One of the most beneficial aspects of expunging your DUI is that it can help you secure employment. Since most employers perform a background check before hiring a job applicant, an employer can typically access the applicant’s records of arrests (including DUIs). This can impact your ability to secure employment, especially if the role requires you to drive.

However, when a person gets their DUI charges expunged, an employer isn’t allowed to consider an expunged conviction when making a decision about the applicant. California Code of Regulations also prohibits employers from asking a job applicant about an expunged misdemeanor conviction.

Benefit #2: Get State Licenses

If you are seeking to obtain a state professional license, an expunged DUI conviction can help you. Many licensing agencies are more likely to grant a state license to people whose convictions have been expunged. Having a DUI on your record may affect your ability to obtain a state license.

Benefit #3: Get More Rental Opportunities

Similar to employers, landlords also conduct background checks on potential tenants. If a landlord learns about your DUI conviction(s), they might find a more ideal tenant or charge you a higher rent. Getting your DUI conviction expunged could prevent such issues and won’t intervene in your search for a living space.

Benefit #4: Get a Loan

Your ability to secure a loan can be affected by your DUI conviction. Some loan agencies also perform background checks on applicants to determine if they are reliable for a loan. Your DUI can make it difficult to get a loan and can result in higher interest rates. However, getting your DUI expunged can help you get a loan without affecting you in any way.

Benefit #5: Increase Your College Approval Rate

College administrators may deny applicants who have been charged or convicted of a crime (including a DUI). Having a DUI expunged on your criminal record can prevent universities from considering that when determining if you should be admitted.

Benefit #6: Peace of Mind

Getting your DUI expunged can give you peace of mind knowing that it won’t continue to affect you in the long-term. Your DUI charges, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, won’t be able to stop you from achieving your career goals or desired living situation.

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If you want to get your DUI conviction expunged, our team at Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. can help you. Our skilled DUI attorneys can walk you through your case and determine the best recourse after a conviction. Getting your DUI expunged could be your chance at a fresh start after your DUI conviction. Attorney Virginia L. Landry is one of only five attorneys in California to hold this distinction. This means that our firm has the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to help you obtain your desired results.

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