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When Is Someone Considered Too Intoxicated To Drive?


One of the greatest tragedies in today's world is the frequency with which drunk driving accidents take place. Every day, approximately 29 people die due to drunk driving accidents, according to figures pulled from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Many people wonder what it takes to be considered far too intoxicated to be behind the wheel. Here is what you should know.

If your BAC (blood alcohol content), clocks in at 0.08% or higher, under the letter of the law, you are considered legally impaired. This means that you will most certainly be charged with a DUI if a police officer pulls you over and your BAC reaches that level. However, be advised that you still may be subject to punishment if your blood alcohol level is anywhere over 0.00%. How can you determine for yourself whether or not you've had too many drinks to drive yourself back home?

Conventional wisdom states that your blood alcohol level will remain within safe limits the less you drink. Generally, if you can stick to a maximum of one full drink an hour, your blood levels will not be elevated. The technical definition stated by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a standard drink is half an ounce of alcohol. This would entail a 12-ounce beer, a five-ounce glass of wine, and 1.5-ounce shots of distilled spirits.

Of course, other factors go into how high your BAC level can get. Things such as age, gender, the strength of the drink, body type, metabolism, fat content, hydration and more can affect how quickly alcohol enters your circulatory system.

The fact is that intoxication begins with your very first drink, and while 0.08% is considered the legal limit under the law, you can still be somewhat impaired if your alcohol level falls slightly before it. No matter how much alcohol you drink, no matter how little or small does not matter. If you plan on ingesting any alcohol, your wisest choice is to ensure that you have a trustworthy driver or form of transportation that can take you home.

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