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What Should I Do After a DUI Arrest?


If you were recently arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), there are some things that you can do right now that can help strengthen your DUI case. It may seem like you’ve done all you could do, but that is not true. What you say and do from this point forward can have an impact on the outcome of your case. Want to do everything you can to strengthen your DUI defense? Follow these steps starting today:

  • Request a DUI arrest to contest the automatic driver's license suspension. If you try to request a hearing after the 10 days are up, you will lose the DMV hearing within 10 days of the your right to a hearing permanently.
  • Do not lose hope. Even if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) came back at .08% or higher, that does not mean your case cannot be fought and won. All kinds of DUI defense strategies work so don’t give up on your case.
  • Write down every detail you can recall about the traffic stop and the DUI arrest while your memory is still crystal clear. Do not leave out any details.
  • If any witnesses can testify that you were sober at the time of the arrest, get their names and numbers. Your lawyer will need them.
  • Do not represent yourself in court. Unless you are a criminal defense attorney, this is not advised. Instead, hire a skilled DUI defense lawyer.
  • Never miss a court appearance. Otherwise, the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest and things will go downhill from there.
  • Learn as much as you can about California’s DUI laws and the particular charges you are facing.
  • Contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry to work with a Board-Certified specialist in DUI defense.

Most DUIs are charged as misdemeanors but we assure you, there is nothing minor about being convicted of DUI. A conviction typically leads to fines, jail, DUI probation, DUI School, AA classes, an Ignition Interlock Device, and skyrocketing insurance premiums. Additionally, it means a criminal record, which we can almost guarantee will affect housing and employment for years to come.

To fight your DUI charges, contact our firm for a free case evaluation!

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