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What Happens if I Don't Take My DUI Classes?


Let’s say that in 2006 you were convicted of driving under the influence in Orange County, California. As of June 2016, it will be 10 years since you were convicted of DUI. You never did the DUI classes, will the DUI fall off your record the way a bankruptcy falls off someone’s credit after 10 years?

You haven’t had a valid driver’s license all these years; will you be off the hook once you reach the 10-year mark?

Even if you wait until the date the DUI turns 10 years old, the DMV will not give you a break. The DMV will still require that you complete a DUI class, and it could be an 18-month one. You will also have to file an SR-22.

Depending on the county where the DUI occurred, you may be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle.

There’s no applicable time limit or statute of limitations. Meaning, there’s no way that the DMV will issue you a valid driver’s license without you first completing the DUI program requirements – even if a decade has passed.

Will the DUI fall off my record?

Sorry, but your DUI will not “fall off” your record. While it may fall off the H-6 r DMV driving printout after 10 years, you have a criminal record and that will never disappear. A DUI can be dismissed under PC 1203.4, but in this situation, the DMV will be the agency dictating what you have to do to get a valid license.

You want to call the DMV and ask them if your driver’s license is valid. We would guess that your license has been suspended. If you’re lucky, you’ll only be required to complete the 3-month program that’s required for a first DUI, which isn't as bad as the 18-month program.

Assuming you never took your DUI classes – that would be considered a probation violation. We’re willing to bet that there’s a warrant out for our arrest. We highly recommend that you call our Orange County DUI firm so we can see what’s on your record and advise you on the best way to resolve this issue.

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