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Will I Go to Jail for Not Completing My DUI Classes?


Once you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), you can expect mandatory attendance of DUI classes to be part of your sentence. DUI school is any court-approved educational program that helps DUI offenders learn about how alcohol impairs driving, the immediate and long-term consequences of a DUI, as well as ways to avoid drinking and driving in the future.

At the expense of the participant, these classes can cost anywhere between $270 and $3,000. Depending on the offender’s age and how many priors they have. By the same token, classes can take a total of 12 hours to complete (for under-21 offenders) or 30 hours across 3 months for first-time offenders 21 and older. Some repeat offenders can be required to take DUI classes spanning across nine, 18, or even 30 months, depending upon their number of priors within the past 10 years.

With obligations lasting this long, you’re probably wondering if you can go to jail for not completing your DUI classes. Let’s take a look at how missing DUI school may or may not result in jail time.

When Failure to Attend Classes Can Mean Jail Time

Going to your DUI classes is a condition of your probation. When you fail to do so or fail to complete DUI school, you can be taken back to court where a judge will decide whether or not your original sentence – which likely included jail time – is a suitable punishment for violating your probation.

You May Be Able to Skip Some Classes

Chances are that your DUI education course will let you skip a limited number of classes without getting dropped from your program, but you will have to make them up. Always consult with your DUI lawyer to make sure this is allowed. You should strive never to miss a class unless there is a serious emergency to attend.

While you may be able to skip a certain number of classes for good reasons, missing more than the number you’re permitted can get you kicked out of the program – and be a violation of your probation, which can trigger reappearance in court and jail time.

Are You Facing a DUI Conviction?

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI or have been ordered to appear in court for failing to complete your DUI education program, it’s important to have an experienced DUI attorney on your side. The DUI Queen at the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience helping clients like you contest DUI charges and represent them in proceedings related to their DUI.

Contact us online or call 949-694-8804 if you need help with a DUI-related matter in court.

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