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Tips for Being a Designated Driver


If you're planning on drinking, plan ahead and use a designated driver. It’s far better to designate a driver ahead of time before you start drinking. After a few drinks people tend to get “beer muscles” and they can mistakenly believe that they’re fine to drive home when their blood alcohol concentration or BAC says otherwise.

Before planning a night out, take a minute to an honest estimate of your friend pool. Do you have a friend who always volunteers to be the DD? Do you have a friend who loves to hang out, but doesn’t drink because they:

  • Have religious objections
  • Alcohol doesn’t agree with them
  • They are in the middle of a detox
  • They are on a special diet and can’t drink
  • They can’t mix alcohol with their medications
  • They are training for an athletic event and won’t drink
  • Alcoholism runs in their family so they don’t touch the sauce
  • They are against drinking for another reason

If you have a friend or two that fits any of these descriptions, then great! They may be glad to jump at the chance to be the designated driver for the evening. If none of your friends fit into this category, perhaps you can create a system where each of you takes turns being the DD each weekend or outing. When all else fails, there’s always Uber and Lyft, which are more popular and affordable than cabs in these parts.

You Have Other Options

If you're out with a group and none of you wants to forego drinking or can’t call a ride-sharing service for some reason, you can always use public transportation or an official designated driver service near you. There are companies, such as "Your Car Our Driver" based in Orange County that provide designated drivers to drive your own car home so you don't have to worry about picking it up the next day.

If you know you don't want to pay for a designated driver service, be sure to follow these safety tips for designating a sober driver:

  • Always plan ahead. If there's a chance you might drink, have a plan before you start.
  • Only choose a designated driver whom you trust to follow through on their commitment.
  • If you’re the DD for the night, don’t let your friends down by drinking.
  • Try carpooling. Arriving in the same car as your designated driver will eliminate the temptation to drive your own car home.

Perks of Being a Designated Driver

Perks? Is that a trick question? After all, you get to watch your friends have all the fun while you drive them around into the early morning hours – doesn’t sound like much fun. Okay, maybe there aren’t any “obvious” perks about being a DD, but there are two major perks: 1) no one gets arrested for DUI, and 2) no one gets hurt!

Be aware: Cops frequently hang around outside of bars and other restaurants to catch people who drive after drinking. If this has happened to you, contact an Orange County DUI lawyer at the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. for a free case evaluation!

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