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If you’ve been convicted of three DUI charges and you are charged a fourth time, you can be charged with a felony DUI. You can also be charged with a felony if you drive under the influence and cause a serious bodily injury to another person. A felony charge is much more serious than a misdemeanor charge and can lead to increased jail time, probation, fines, and other penalties.

When you’re facing serious felony DUI charges, it’s important to have a qualified attorney representing you every step of the way. An Oceanside DUI attorney may be the right professional for your case.

Felony DUI with Prior Convictions

One way to be charged with a felony DUI is if you have had three prior convictions in a seven-year period. This means that you were charged with DUI and a jury found you guilty three times. You may have already served jail time or had to pay steep fines.

A felony DUI charge for three or more prior convictions means you’ll be facing much steeper penalties. If you’ve been charged with a felony DUI due to having a bad DUI record, consult with an Oceanside DUI attorney to find out your options for handling your case.

Felony DUI with Bodily Injury

Another way to be charged with a felony DUI is if you were driving under the influence and caused someone a serious bodily injury. This can happen in several ways. You may hit a pedestrian while you are driving or you may cause an accident with another motor vehicle that causes serious injuries to others. No matter how the injuries happened, you can be charged with felony DUI if they are serious. If this happens, you’ll need an Oceanside DUI attorney to help you through your case.

Handling Felony DUI Cases

If you hire a qualified Oceanside DUI attorney, you can get assistance with a number of things. Your attorney can explain what’s happening in your case, help you gather information that can help your defense, talk to experts that may be able to testify during your trial, and speak on your behalf at DMV hearings and in court. All of these things can help you to build the best possible defense for your case!

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