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We know at the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc., In California, it is not uncommon to see DUI checkpoints set up on high-traffic streets during the weekends. These are designed to keep drunk or impaired drivers off the road in order to keep the streets safe. 

However, checkpoints must be conducted under specific rules and regulations in order to be considered lawful. Years ago, the California Supreme Court established the laws and regulations regarding DUI checkpoints.

These regulations pertain to the following factors of checkpoint process:

  • Examining the level of intrusiveness involved during the stop
  • Establishing when and how the checkpoint operated
  • Determining responsibility for the decisions made during the checkpoint

Because checkpoints must be conducted in a certain manner, it is urgent to get in touch with an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer if you have been arrested for DUI while driving through or away from a checkpoint.

If you were accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence, do not wait to secure legal representation right away. Our team can examine the details of your case and fight to protect your rights!

Understanding the DUI Checkpoint Process

Officers must follow a specific process and adhere to the following steps in order for the checkpoint to be considered lawful:

  • Warning lights must be apparent and visible
  • Decisions must be made at the supervisory level
  • The safety of officers and the public must be considered first and foremost
  • The checkpoint’s location must be determined by officials
  • Officers are not permitted to detain drivers longer than necessary
  • A neutral predetermined strategy must be used to determine which cars are stopped at the checkpoint
  • The checkpoint must be publicly posted beforehand
  • The timespan of the checkpoint must be limited to a point in which it is effective and non-intrusive

How We Can Protect Your Rights After a Checkpoint Arrest

The most important and useful factor we utilize when defending your case involves the understanding of dui checkpoints in orange county and the rules and regulations. 

Such rules and regulations can be interpreted in different ways, and law enforcement officers can use the general public’s misunderstanding to their advantage, leaving innocent drivers at risk for life-long consequences if convicted of DUI.

Do not wait to contact legal representation. Call our Orange County DUI checkpoint defense lawyers today. We are ready to put our experience on your side, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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