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  • Can DUI Affect College Acceptance?
    Can DUI Affect College Acceptance?

    Facing DUI charges often results in serious consequences, including a license suspension, hefty fines, and even jail time. However, those aren’t the only consequences of a DUI conviction. A DUI can ...

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  • Understanding Underage DUI
    Understanding Underage DUI

    The consequences of an underage DUI can have grave, life-altering implications for a young person’s future prospects. If you or someone you love has been charged with underage DUI, you only have 10 ...

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  • Alcohol Offenses By Underage Drinkers in CA
    Alcohol Offenses By Underage Drinkers in CA

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States.” The CDC continues, “Excessive drinking is ...

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  • Talking to Parents About a DUI
    Talking to Parents About a DUI

    Being arrested for DUI is difficult for anyone, regardless of age. For those who rely on their parents for financial and emotional support, an underage DUI can be devastating. Suddenly, you’re ...

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  • Underage Alcohol Offenses in California
    Underage Alcohol Offenses in California

    As a DUI defense firm, we handle both standard and underage DUI cases. However, alcohol offenses for underage drinkers (under the age of 21) are not limited to DUI – there are other alcohol-related ...

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  • California's Zero Tolerance Law
    California's Zero Tolerance Law

    Teens belong to a special class of citizens who are in the “high-risk” category for a number of things, such as texting while driving, distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving, and most ...

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