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  • What is Functional Tolerance to Alcohol?
    What is Functional Tolerance to Alcohol?

    Alcohol is a depressant that affects both bodily functions and human behavior. However, when someone consumes alcohol on a regular basis, he or she develops a tolerance to the effects of alcohol. When ...

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  • FAQs About Alcohol in California
    FAQs About Alcohol in California

    Alcohol is a highly-regulated substance in the United States. State laws govern how old you have to be to drink it, where you can drink it, where you can buy it, and how and where alcohol can be sold. ...

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  • Beware of a Halloween DUI
    Beware of a Halloween DUI

    With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to warn Orange County residents of the dangers of drinking and driving on Halloween, particularly because so many children of all ages will be ...

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  • How to Drink Responsibly
    How to Drink Responsibly

    Like Europe and Canada, alcohol plays a major role in American culture, especially when it comes to holiday parties, after work parties, engagement parties, weddings, Super Bowl parties, bridal ...

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  • Alcohol-Induced Amnesia
    Alcohol-Induced Amnesia

    If you have ever gotten drunk before or engaged in “ binge drinking, ” you’ve probably experienced memory loss during the intoxication. Examples include having friends retell events that you can’t ...

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  • Risks of College Drinking
    Risks of College Drinking

    For most 18 and 19-year-olds, starting college is an exciting time in their lives. As students arrive on campus for the first time, it’s all about making new friends and having new experiences. It’s ...

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