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  • DUI: What You Need to Fear
    DUI: What You Need to Fear

    Driving under the influence (DUI) just so happens to be the ONE criminal offense that is commonly committed by everyday citizens who do not have a prior criminal record, and it’s no surprise. In the ...

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  • Can I Drive After One or Two Drinks?
    Can I Drive After One or Two Drinks?

    In our experience, the average California driver does not fully understand the state’s driving under the influence laws. A lot of licensed drivers have “false” ideas about blood alcohol concentration ...

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  • Women, Alcohol & DUI
    Women, Alcohol & DUI

    In our society, lots of men and women drink alcohol. Young males in their teens as well as young females in their teens imbibe on occasion too, though it’s illegal for minors (individuals under the ...

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  • Don't Drink & Drive, Period
    Don't Drink & Drive, Period

    Millions of Americans drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel shortly afterwards. Such drivers often justify their actions with one the following excuses: “I let the alcohol wear off. I ate food. ...

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  • Is Alcohol More Powerful Than You?
    Is Alcohol More Powerful Than You?

    It seems alcohol has been a staple in people’s homes for thousands of years, but according to Live Science , “Human ancestors may have begun evolving the knack for consuming alcohol about 10 million ...

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  • Facts About Women & Alcohol
    Facts About Women & Alcohol

    Did you know that while men tend to consume alcohol more than women, alcohol actually affects women’s bodies more than men? This probably comes as no surprise. According to the National Institute on ...

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