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  • Is a Breath or Blood Test Better?
    Is a Breath or Blood Test Better?

    In all of our years in DUI defense , we’ve heard the same questions repeated over and over again. One of the most common questions being, “Is it better to take a breath or blood test ?” The answer ...

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  • Alcohol and Kids
    Alcohol and Kids

    According to the State Bar of California , a 2013 survey from the Centers for Disease Control found that two out of three high school students said they had tried at least one alcoholic drink in the ...

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  • Women, Alcohol & DUI
    Women, Alcohol & DUI

    In our society, lots of men and women drink alcohol. Young males in their teens as well as young females in their teens imbibe on occasion too, though it’s illegal for minors (individuals under the ...

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  • What is a Hangover?
    What is a Hangover?

    Since Christmas is days away, plenty of people throughout the world will be experiencing hangovers between now and the New Year. After all, it’s the holidays and there’s lots to celebrate – friends, ...

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  • Don't Drink & Drive, Period
    Don't Drink & Drive, Period

    Millions of Americans drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel shortly afterwards. Such drivers often justify their actions with one the following excuses: “I let the alcohol wear off. I ate food. ...

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  • What is Alcohol Use Disorder?
    What is Alcohol Use Disorder?

    A lot of us turn to alcohol because it relaxes us, it relieves stress, and can even help us “open up” in social situations. One or two drinks a week – that’s not unusual or excessive. But what if ...

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