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  • DUI Based on Impairment
    DUI Based on Impairment

    In all 50 states, it’s illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08%. If you drive with a BAC of .08%, you’re automatically guilty of driving under the influence (DUI) in all ...

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  • Is it Better to Drink Alcohol on an Empty Stomach?
    Is it Better to Drink Alcohol on an Empty Stomach?

    It’s an age-old rule about drinking alcohol, and one that most people have broken: Always fill up on foods dense in proteins, fats, and rich carbohydrates before drinking, that is if you want to feel ...

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  • DUI or Diabetes?
    DUI or Diabetes?

    If you were recently arrested for drunk driving , and you are diabetic, were you actually under the influence of alcohol or could you have been experiencing a diabetic low? What some officers don’t ...

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  • How to Avoid a DUI This Thanksgiving
    How to Avoid a DUI This Thanksgiving

    If you’re like most people, your Thanksgiving holiday will start on Wednesday, November 21, Thanksgiving Eve and the celebrations will last through Sunday, 25th. For a lot of Orange County residents, ...

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  • How Alcohol Impairs Driving Ability
    How Alcohol Impairs Driving Ability

    Alcohol has been around for a very long time. After all, for many years it was safer to drink than water. However, now that we have safe drinking water and we’re living in a technological age ...

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  • Are Women More Affected By Alcohol Than Men?
    Are Women More Affected By Alcohol Than Men?

    Recent studies have declared binge drinking as one of the most underrated health concerns for women in the United States. But how much alcohol does it take to qualify as binge drinking? According to ...

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