What's the Difference Between a First or Multiple Defense DUI?

Getting a DUI can put your finances, relationships, and career in jeopardy, including more. However, it is even more important to understand that there are differences in how the law views repeat DUI offenses versus first time DUI's. Here are four things you should know about DUI laws and how courts handle them:


When someone gets a DUI for the first time, they will get a fine by the state, the county, the city, or potentially all of them. This depends on where it happens. These fines or fees are usually very expensive as it is.

However, one key difference between your first DUI and your second, third, or fourth, is that the fine can continue to go up each time, making it financially very difficult to handle.


A common way to handle DUI's by the courts is to make the convicted person do a set amount of community service or safety training hours. This involves a lot of coursework, in-person classes, videos, and more. Not only does it eat up your time, but you also have to pay for it.

The number of courses or the difficulty of them can go up over time as you get subsequent DUI's on your record. However, some of this is up to the discretion of the courts.

Jail Time

It is actually possible to get jail time for a DUI. This often does not happen on your first. However, especially as you go up in number, your likelihood of being behind bars only goes up.

License Status

No one wants to lose their license. However, if you are convicted of a DUI multiple times, there might come a point where you do. That means you won't be able to get to work, travel, or other daily activities. That's why you need proper representation to prevent that from happening.

If you get your first DUI, it comes with its fair share of challenges. However, if that is not enough to make you want to avoid them in the future, then you should consider the consequences above. Not only are they serious, but they can also follow you. Regardless of your DUI status, make sure to retain qualified legal counsel so you can protect yourself to the fullest.
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