How to Avoid a DUI This Thanksgiving

If you’re like most people, your Thanksgiving holiday will start on Wednesday, November 21, Thanksgiving Eve and the celebrations will last through Sunday, 25th. For a lot of Orange County residents, the alcohol will start flowing as early as the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. Then, they’ll spend the next four days saying thanks, stuffing themselves, and enjoying the company of friends and family.

So you don’t let a Thanksgiving DUI ruin your celebrations, follow these 6 tips:

1. Be on the lookout for DUI checkpoints.
Thanks to Google, we can look for DUI checkpoints before we drive straight into them unintentionally. Remember, Orange County law enforcement are already preparing for drunk drivers this holiday weekend, so look online for checkpoints before hitting the road.

Typically, DUI or sobriety checkpoints are set up at locations where there have been a high number of drunk driving arrests, which usually means near bars and nightclubs. If you approach such a checkpoint, do not drive away! The cops will notice and they’re almost guaranteed to send a chase car after you.

2. Nominate a designated driver before celebrations.
One of the great things about the holidays, there’s usually an abundance of designated drivers. Does your mom or Aunt Ethel hate to drink? Assign them as designated drivers for the evening! Just make sure you don’t choose a DD who will secretly drink.

3. Prescriptions and drinking don’t mix.
Lots of medications don’t mix well with alcohol, especially drugs like Xanax. So, even if you have just one drink, if you mix it with your meds, it can be like having six cocktails depending on the medicine. If you’re on a medication that says not to mix with alcohol, make sure you don’t take them at the same time.

4. Get a ride.
If your Uncle Joe’s offensive jokes or your mother-in-law’s digs make you drink into an oblivion, don’t reach for the keys. Instead, call Uber, Lyft, or a cab. Even if they’ve jacked up their prices due to the holiday, it’s a lot cheaper than a DUI!

5. No money for a ride? Call AAA!
If you’re worried about not having money for a ride, check out AAA’s Holiday Safe Ride Program. It offers free towing for both members and non-members in select areas throughout the nation.

6. Don’t sleep it off in your car.
If you drink alcohol, resist the temptation to “sleep it off” until the sun rises. If the cops catch you intoxicated and sleeping in your vehicle and the car keys are anywhere near you, you can be arrested for DUI – even if the car’s engine is off and you’re parked on the side of a road or in a parking lot!

If you are arrested for DUI in Orange County this Thanksgiving, reach out to the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. Our lead attorney is a Board-Certified DUI specialist and proud member of the National College for DUI Defense. Call now for a free case evaluation!

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