International Travel After a DUI

Travelling abroad can be absolutely wonderful. Many people travel overseas for vacations, honeymoons, work and even for educational purposes. But a criminal conviction can put a dent in someone’s travel plans for more reasons than one, even a misdemeanor DUI can affect international travel.

How can a DUI affect one’s ability to travel abroad? Can it stop them from obtaining a U.S. passport, is that the issue? Essentially, there are two ways a DUI can stop you from leaving the United States: 1) the country you’re travelling to may not let you in, and 2) you may not be able to leave the area if you are on DUI probation.

As a general rule, having a DUI conviction should not stop you from obtaining a U.S. passport, but for the two reasons above, you may be barred from travelling outside the United States. Canada for example, is one of the countries that blocks U.S. citizens from entering if they have recent DUI convictions.

“Canada may not allow persons with DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) convictions to enter their country,” according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Mexico is another country that may not let U.S. citizens with DUIs enter their borders.

What Should I Do?

If you are on DUI probation, you should always check with your probation officer before you travel out of the state, let alone the country. Suppose you do take that trip abroad only to get arrested for a probation violation when you get back because there was a clause in your probation that prohibited overseas travel.

If you are no longer on DUI probation but you’re still worried that the conviction could impact international travel, we suggest that you contact a DUI attorney before you plop down the money for those non-refundable plane or cruise tickets.

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