Can a California DUI Be Reduced?

Virginia Landry and staff

You may have heard about criminal charges and how in some cases they can be “reduced.” Often, a defendant’s charges are reduced after he or she agrees to accept a plea bargain. A plea bargain is an agreement, or a deal, between the defendant and prosecutor, where the defendant pleads guilty or no contest to a lesser offense or to less charges.

Often, it’s a win-win because the defendant gets lighter penalties (sometimes much lighter) and the prosecutor doesn’t lose a case, which looks bad on his or her track record – prosecutors hate to lose. So, the question is, can a California DUI be reduced to a lesser offense like other criminal cases?


In California, some DUI cases can be pleaded down or “reduced” to a wet reckless, which is good news for DUI defendants because not all states have such an option. If a DUI case is eligible, a wet reckless plea can be extremely beneficial for the defendant.

A defendant can only have their DUI reduced to a wet reckless. They can’t be arrested for wet reckless, nor can they be charged with it. Instead, it’s a bargaining tool used by skilled DUI defense attorneys who are looking out for the best interests of eligible clients.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • The driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was near the .08 percent legal limit.
  • The prosecution does not have a strong case.
  • The case does not involve aggravating factors, but instead it involves mitigating factors, such as no accident or speeding.

“What are the benefits of pleading down to a wet reckless?” For starters, the penalties are lighter than a DUI. A wet reckless involves lower fines, less jail time, and a shorter probation. It may not trigger a driver license suspension and it may not affect a professional license the way a DUI conviction would.

To learn more , you can read more about wet reckless under Section 23103.5 of the California Vehicle Code. For further reading, click here to see more posts on the topic.

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