Will a DUI Stop Me from Getting a Home Loan?

A DUI conviction leads to a host of negative consequences. A conviction often means fines, license suspension, probation, DUI School, auto insurance hikes, an Ignition Interlock Device, AA classes, attending a Victim Impact Panel, the denial of professional licenses and much more. For some, a DUI can lead to removal proceedings (Green Card holders), it can cost them their job, and it can bar them from travelling to Canada. It can even affect child custody proceedings.

What about a home loan? Can a DUI prevent you from getting approved for a mortgage? While a DUI does come up on a background check, it is not part of a person’s credit profile. However, that doesn’t mean the two can’t be linked. If you have unpaid court fines and fees, or if you failed to pay a judgement, any of these delinquencies can be reported on your credit, negatively affecting your FICO score.

What About Bail Bonds?

There’s one more way a DUI can affect one’s ability to obtain a home loan: Suppose a DUI defendant posts a bail bond after their DUI arrest. As a condition of posting the bail bond, it’s likely that the bondsman required that a bond lien be recorded against the defendant’s property. When a DUI defendant uses a bail bondsman, he or she agrees to attend all of their court appearances and once they attend them all, the court should exonerate the bond and the bail bondsman should release the lien against their property.

If the release is not recorded before the individual applies for a home loan, the lender will discover the lien. While the lien itself should not bar the person from obtaining a home loan, it will need to be released before the loan can be approved.

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