Does a DUI Show Up on Background Checks?

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) can change your life in many ways. Because, the consequences of a DUI, like any other criminal conviction, extend beyond the fines, probation, AA classes, DUI School, and suspended driver’s license.

If you were arrested for drunk or drugged driving, your ability to obtain or keep a job may be compromised, especially if you drive for a living, or work in an occupation where you’re under public scrutiny.

Employers are conscious about who they hire. They don’t want to hire anyone who is bad for business, an insurance risk, or someone whose behavior or conduct may fall under question. It’s a risk many employers choose not to take.

The question is, does a DUI show up on an employer background check? In a word – yes. California law allows prospective employers to see a job applicant’s driving record, criminal record, vehicle registration, and much more. In fact, most of this information is public record. Very few pieces of information are not available to prospective employers.

Can a DUI Prevent Me from Getting Hired?

"It’s possible." A DUI conviction could end your career if you are a commercial driver. The employer has the freedom to decide if your DUI conviction will keep you from getting a particular job. In other words, it’s discretional. Often, a prospective employer will see a criminal conviction, even if it’s for a simple first-time DUI and they’ll say, “Thanks for applying, but no thanks.”

If you teach, you may have difficulty getting a job as a teacher. Although one offense may not end your career, past infractions could keep you from landing that dream teaching job because schools are afraid of how your DUI will make them look to concerned parents. Same thing can be said for childcare, real estate, nursing (especially if it was a drug-related DUI), and other fields that treat DUIs as red flags.

Will I Lose My Teaching Credential After a DUI?

In California, state law holds teachers accountable for personal decisions, even if the decision does not directly affect their job. An off-campus DUI that takes place over the weekend may cause the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to revoke your teaching credential. Contrary to popular misconception, a DUI is not a minor traffic offense. It is a serious crime with serious penalties. Convictions that can end a teaching career:

  • DUIs
  • Sex Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Felonies

Employers do not have access to all of your records. You are not obligated to share your educational record with anyone. Third parties can only obtain your military record under special circumstances. In California, employers cannot access your medical records either.

However, since your criminal record is available to the public, a DUI could change the course of your career, especially if you’re in the medical field, education, commercial transportation, or you want to obtain a professional license.

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