Talking to Parents About a DUI

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Being arrested for DUI is difficult for anyone, regardless of age. For those who rely on their parents for financial and emotional support, an underage DUI can be devastating. Suddenly, you’re imagining life without your cellphone, and without Internet access unless it’s for homework.

You may not be allowed to hang out with your friends, and you may be forced to complete an endless list of chores. Worst of all, you can say goodbye to the keys and your car. If you’re in college, you may face expulsion from school, the loss of a scholarship, and reduced chances of employment.

A DUI may even impact your ability to get your hands on that prize internship you’ve been hoping for, or it can cause you to be kicked off a college sports team. While the first step for any person accused of DUI should be to contact a DUI defense lawyer, many young adults, especially those financially supported by their family, first call their parents.


Calling parents to inform them of a DUI arrest is not fun. A parent may be extremely disappointed at the news, but their priority should always be to ensure their son or daughter’s safety, and to protect their future at all costs. Keeping some tips in mind can help to make this an easier conversation:

When speaking with parents, remember to:

· Be open and honest about what happened,

· Discuss what was learned from the situation,

· Be honest if you’ve been drinking and driving before,

· Inform your parents if you might have a drinking problem,

· Be honest with yourself about binge drinking,

· Tell your parents how you expect to legally resolve the arrest,

· Discuss changes in behavior that can prevent you from drinking and driving again, and

· Agree to encourage your friends not to drink and drive or get into a car with someone who has been drinking or doing drugs.

Parents should be involved in the DUI case for those who are still under their care, but the only person who should develop a case strategy is the trusted DUI attorney hired to defend the young DUI driver. If your parents have questions, direct them to your DUI lawyer instead of trying to explain everything on your own.

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