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Can I Include DUI Fines in Bankruptcy?

A lot of people wonder if a DUI conviction can hurt their credit. A DUI does not directly hurt a person’s credit because the conviction itself is not reported to the three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. However, a DUI can hurt someone’s credit indirectly.

A DUI involves fines and a number of fees. In order for a DUI defendant to get their driver license back and in good standing, they must pay these fees. If a DUI defendant fails to pay the court-ordered fines, they will be sent to collections, which will hurt their FICO score.

“What if I file bankruptcy? Can my DUI fines be included in the bankruptcy, and then after it’s discharged, can I get my license back?” Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Under federal bankruptcy laws, certain types of debts are NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy, including but not limited to:

  • Court-ordered fines.
  • Victim restitution (money paid to crime victims).
  • Child support arrears.
  • Past-due spousal support.
  • Taxes of a certain age.
  • Most types of student loans.

The fines and fees associated with a DUI conviction are categorized as “court-ordered fines” and are therefore non-dischargeable debts in bankruptcy. For example, if you’re planning on filing for relief under Chapter 7 bankruptcy and you owe money for your DUI penalties, you cannot include the debt in bankruptcy. It’s not allowed.

Do you have any other alternatives to paying the fines in-full? Your best option is to avoid a DUI conviction in the first place. If the state has a mountain of evidence against you, the next best option is to enter into a favorable plea bargain with the prosecutor, one where your sentence and fines are reduced, giving you the breathing room you need.

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