Underage DUI & Restricted Licenses

Getting an underage DUI (a DUI for someone under 21) can be tough. In the eyes of the law, if you’re over 18, you’re an adult who can move out of your parents’ house and join the military. But you can’t purchase alcohol, nor can you drive with any measurable alcohol in your system. Take it even further, if you’re convicted of DUI and you’re under 21, you face a longer driver’s license suspension than someone who is 21 or older.

Suppose you’re convicted of underage DUI. Just because you’re young, it doesn’t mean you don’t have responsibilities. Whether you go to school and work full-time, are a full-time student, or are in the military, you probably rely on your license to get to work or school, or both – your livelihood may even depend on it.

California’s Automatic License Suspension

If you’re under 21 and you were convicted of DUI, your driving privileges will be automatically suspended for one year. So, the question is, can you get a restricted license so you can drive to and from work?

There is no guarantee that a judge will grant you a restricted license, but it is possible. Under VC § 13202.5(c), a California resident can petition the DMV for a restricted license in lieu of a license suspension based on the “critical need” to drive. Usually, a judge issues a restricted license based on the need to drive for school, a medical need, or employment.

Just because you can apply for a restricted license, it doesn’t mean it will be granted. The granting of restricted licenses to DUI defendants are handled on a case-by-case basis and are fact dependent. The DMV will take into account the ease of access to public transportation, if you have other licensed drivers in your home who can give you rides, and your school or work schedule, etc.

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