About Orange County's DUI Court

A DUI conviction can pose a lot of problems for an individual, especially if a substance abuse problem has gone so far as to affect the person’s home life or work. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, it may benefit them to participate in the Superior Court of Orange County’s DUI Court Program, a court-supervised, “treatment” program for non-violent offenders.

This program is voluntary and includes:

  • Treatment
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Individual and group counseling (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings)
  • Court appearances before a DUI court judge

The program is provided by the Probation Department and the Health Care Agency’s Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services. Participants receive education and skill assessments; they also get referrals for vocational training, education or job placement assistance. The program lasts at least 12 months; however, all graduates have access to ongoing aftercare services.

Some Defendants Qualify for DUI Court

After a DUI arrest, if a defendant is eligible, he or she may be offered DUI Court on their pending charges. Your DUI defense attorney can explain your choices and whether DUI Court is an option. For an individual to enter the DUI Court Program voluntarily, they must enter a guilty plea. They are then placed on formal probation for a period of three years.

The individual is instructed to report to the Probation Department, where they will be assigned a probation officer. During the probationary period, they must comply with all of the terms and conditions.

What to expect from probation:

  • Unannounced home visits
  • Your home will be subject to a search
  • Random drug/alcohol testing

Successful completion of the DUI Court Program may result in early termination of probation, or the opportunity to serve the jail sentence by means of electronic confinement, otherwise known as the SCRAM device.

The only individual with authority to discharge a participant from the program is the judge, who relies on the input of the District Attorney, defense counsel, probation, and law enforcement. If a participant fails to graduate from the program, such failure will result in the imposition of their suspended sentence.

Rules of the DUI Court Program

Here are the types of rules participants must adhere to:

  • Must maintain an alcohol and drug free lifestyle.
  • Attend all counseling sessions, events, and self-help meetings.
  • Stay in contact with their probation officer.
  • Submit to drug and alcohol testing.
  • Arrive on time for all appointments, court appearances, meetings, and sessions.
  • Comply with all requirements of the DUI Court Program.

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