DUIs & Seeking Federal Employment

A lot of people like to have job security. One of the best ways to achieve this much sought-after security is to work for the United States government. If you’re facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Orange County, you may be wondering, “Can I still work for the government if I am convicted of DUI?”

According to USAJOBS, an official website of the United States government, “Yes, you can work for the government if you are an ex-offender. Being an ex-offender does not prevent you from obtaining Federal Employment.” However, that does not mean you won’t run into difficulty with a criminal conviction on your record.

When you apply for federal employment, the hiring agency will consider your criminal conduct when deciding if you are “suitable” for employment, but the government does not have any general prohibitions that say, “No, we won’t hire you with a DUI on your record.” The hiring agency will consider the following factors when reviewing your application:

  • The nature of the misconduct
  • When the misconduct occurred
  • Any evidence of rehabilitation
  • The position you applied for
  • The duties of the position you applied for

“Although there are no general prohibitions against employing you in the Federal Government, there are some regulations which will prohibit you from working in certain positions if you have a specific conviction,” according to USAJOBS.

The most common issue is individuals who have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence under state or federal law. Such individuals are prohibited from working in positions that require them to possess, ship, or transport ammunition or firearms. Other crimes that affect federal employment include: unlawful destruction of public records, advocating to overthrow the U.S. government, and rebellion against the U.S.

If you are facing DUI charges, this can be an issue if you’re interested in applying for security clearance. This is because alcohol consumption, including a DUI, can be a problem under Guideline G of the Adjudicative Process.

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