DUI Mistakes That Can Cost a College Scholarship

Come the end of summer, college campuses across the country become busy once again as they prepare for the new academic year. For many first-year college students, the school they are attending happens to be the one that was willing to help foot their tuition bill. According to time.com, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that “59% of the 23 million undergraduate students in the United States receive some form of grant or scholarship.” That’s great, as long as recipients play by the rules.

While receiving a scholarship or grant is one thing, keeping it is another. “Every year, tens of thousands of rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors lose scholarships they had counted on,” according to time.com. Why the scholarship dropoff? Because, college students break these three rules:

  • Don’t break the law.
  • Don’t get kicked out of school.
  • Don’t let your grades slip.

In order to keep your financial aid, you need to keep your nose clean; you can’t commit any academic violations, such as plagiarism or cheating, and you can’t break the law. Getting convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or drug possession are two big no-nos.

For Pell Grant recipients, it’s imperative to avoid any kind of drug-related offenses, including DUI of drugs. If a college student is arrested for buying or selling illegal drugs, he or she can be banned from the Pell Grant for years.

According to Federal Student Aid, an Office of the U.S. Department of Justice, “if your incarceration was for a drug-related offense,” your eligibility for federal student aid may be limited. With that in mind, it’s critically important for college-age students to steer clear of all illegal drugs and avoid driving under the influence of prescription drugs and marijuana.

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