Moving Immediately After a California DUI

Are you a resident of Orange County, California who has plans to move out of state for school, a job opportunity, or to be closer to friends or family? But, what if you were recently arrested for driving under the influence, how would the DUI arrest affect your moving plans?

If this explains your current predicament, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to handle your California DUI case, if you’ll have to travel back to California for court hearings, and if the California DUI will affect your ability to obtain a driver’s license in the state where you’re moving to – these are all valid questions!

Arrested for DUI and Leaving California?

Before you do anything, contact an Orange County DUI attorney from the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. for legal advice. If you are required to complete alcohol education classes, attend AA meetings and a MADD victim impact panel, and perform community service, we can coordinate that and ask the court to let you complete the requirements (where applicable) in the state that you’re moving to.

If you ignore your DUI charges, or if you plead guilty, or if you are convicted of DUI, you can expect to encounter driver’s license hassles wherever you are going, especially if your license is suspended in California. If you’re convicted of DUI in OC, you’ll be placed on DUI probation for 3 to 5 years.

The terms of DUI probation usually include paying fines, restitution, staying away from bars and liquor stores, not breaking the law, and not possessing or consuming alcohol until the probation is over. You will need to talk to an OC DUI lawyer about your probation if you plan to move out of state. Ignoring probation could quickly result in a probation violation (PV), a bench warrant, an arrest, and incarceration.

Get a Local DUI Defense Attorney on Your Side

If you’re concerned about moving to the other state and having to travel back to California to appear in court, there is a solution. Under California’s Penal Code Section 977(a), an attorney can appear on your behalf, which is essentially the same as you being there in person.

If you are still planning on moving to another state, you need an experienced lawyer to carry this case for you. This would help you avoid travelling back and forth, or worse, having a warrant for your arrest issued if you fail to appear for any reason. Of course, our #1 goal is to fight your DUI charges and see if we can get your case dismissed. If that’s not possible, we’ll work hard to negotiate with the prosecutor so we can get the penalties reduced as much as possible.

Facing DUI charges and moving out of state? Don’t wait – contact us for a free consultation!

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