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Improving Your Chances of Getting Hired After a DUI

“If I am convicted of DUI and it comes up on a background check, will it affect my ability to get a job?” As an Orange County DUI defense firm, we get asked this question a lot. If you’re in the job market or soon will be, you can count on a DUI turning up on a background check. You’d be hurting yourself if you thought otherwise.

Since employers routinely run background checks, you have to be prepared to deal with it. In some fields a DUI is tolerable, but in others it’s a deal breaker. If your job involves a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or transporting passengers, or if it involves children, medicine, or a position of “trust,” a prospective employer may be inclined to choose a candidate who does not have a criminal record.

What You Can Do to Help

If you provided a stunning resume or filled out an online app, it cannot defend you if a manager has an issue with the DUI and wonders how it could affect his or her company.

If you can get someone who knows you to defend you, to quiet the manager’s legitimate concerns, and to emphasize how you can be a valuable employee, that’s a good start.

We’re talking about giving a strong referral, someone who is credible and who can speak to the employer and recommend you. While it’s not easy, it may be your best tactic. A good reference can be a former boss, a consultant, or an old manager who knows your work ethic.

It has to be someone who is willing to stick their neck out for you. We know it can be hard to make such a request, but after a DUI conviction, a quality referral can go a long way.

Shift the Focus on How You’re Valuable

If a prospective employer is worried about your recent DUI, he or she has every right to be; any red flags means they are possibly putting their reputation at risk. Be open and honest about your DUI, but don’t dwell on it. Take responsibility, then shift the focus on your commitment to helping their company grow.

Distract the employer away from the DUI and put attention on what matters: their success. Show the employer that you’re a hard worker and worth taking a chance on.

The person hiring needs convincing; they aren’t going to ask you to do it, you have to step up your efforts if you’re going to land the job. In today’s job market, losing a job opportunity because you have a DUI only makes earning a living harder.

If you’re qualified and would be an excellent choice, it’s your job to get a manager past his or her objections and show them what an asset you would be to their company.

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