What Happens if There's a Hung Jury?

While some DUI cases in Orange County, California are dismissed, others achieve reduced charges through plea bargains. Some DUIs are tried in front of a judge and others are tried in front of a jury, especially when the state doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the defense counsel.

In many jury trials, every member standing on the jury must come to a unanimous decision on the guilt of the accused in order for them to be found guilty or innocent of a crime. A hung jury - or deadlocked jury - is a jury that is unable to agree on a verdict.

Prosecutors Don’t Like ‘Hung Juries’

A hung jury can be a dangerous thing for the prosecution in a case. The court will seek to elicit a response from the jury before accepting that they are too split to come to a uniform decision on how to proceed.

In the event of a hung jury, a judge will encourage the jury to continue their deliberations by providing some tips to help break a deadlock and come to an agreement. The judge will speak with the jurors to determine whether a verdict can be reached in a reasonable amount of time, or declare the entire trial to be a mistrial.

When a Hung Jury Leads To a Mistrial

If a judge declares a mistrial, it will be as if the trial never happened. It is still unlikely that the prosecution will accept that the trial was inconclusive, so a mistrial does not immediately mean that the case will be dismissed and the defendant can walk away.

A mistrial may mean that:

  • The prosecution can retry the case with a different jury
  • The case will be completely dismissed
  • A plea bargain will be offered to avoid further court time

A hung jury means that the prosecution was unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt - in the eyes of the jury - that a driver was intoxicated when they were behind the wheel. When a mistrial is declared, it provides an opportunity for any charges the defendant may have been facing to be reduced or even eliminated.

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