Don't Get a DUI on Thanksgiving!

The holidays have officially arrived, and a lot of us couldn’t be happier. During the latter half of November and December, a lot of Orange County residents hop on a plane so they can be once again, “home for the holidays.” Meanwhile, the rest of us fill our free time with shopping for the great Thanksgiving feast, putting up Christmas lights, Christmas shopping, and preparing our homes for out-of-town guests.

What about you, will your Thanksgiving shopping include a trip to Whole Foods, BevMo!, Trader Joes, or Costco for some wine and beer to go with dinner and football? If you’re like most who will be entertaining, your answer is, “Yes, alcohol will definitely by on my shopping list!”

Traditionally, the holidays are a time of year to give thanks and to celebrate with friends, family and co-workers. Of course, what would celebrating be without our favorite holiday drinks? Since alcohol is usually flowing during the holiday festivities, you want to be extra careful about drinking and driving during this wonderful time of year.

We Are Entering ‘DUI Season’

While you’re busy preparing for Thanksgiving, you want to be aware that November 24, 2016 marks the beginning of the busiest DUI season of the year. The marked increase in drunk motorists makes sense since the holidays can be hard on people due to the stress of spending a fortune, seeing certain family members, and entertaining for days.

Aside from family stress turning people to the bottle, the celebratory nature of work Christmas parties, and throwing parties for friends and family increases the numbers of drunk drivers on the roads. That being said, local law enforcement will be increasing their efforts to catch drunk drivers in Orange County while they’re in the act.

Law Enforcement Will Be Looking for Drunk Drivers

Between November 24th and January 1st, law enforcement agencies across the nation will be stepping up their DUI enforcement efforts. In California, the worst holidays for DUI are the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve, and law enforcement has every intention of reducing the alcohol-related injuries and fatalities over the holidays.

In recent years, Thanksgiving has been a significant holiday as far as DUI crashes and fatalities are concerned, which is why the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the California Highway Patrol, Irvine Police Department, Laguna Beach Police Department, the Santa Ana Police Department, and other local agencies will be increasing their DUI saturation patrols over the next five weeks.

We wouldn’t be surprised if OC agencies set up DUI checkpoints in Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana. But, when it comes to checkpoints a lot of people ask, “Are DUI checkpoints even legal?”

While citizens and lawmakers have questioned the legality of DUI checkpoints, today 38 states allow them and 12 states forbid them. California is one of the states that allows them, so Orange County residents should be on alert for DUI checkpoints between now and January 1, 2017. However, the best way to avoid a DUI this holiday season, is to refrain from drinking and driving.

At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc., we want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season that is DUI-free. But, if you are arrested for DUI in Orange County, call us for an aggressive defense!

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