Why Do DUI Cases Take So Long?

DUI attorneys sometimes hear complaints from anxious clients, wanting to know why their DUI case is taking some time to resolve. For example, a few months can pass since a DUI defendant signed a retainer and they can start to get impatient about their case, thinking that it’s not moving fast enough.

Honestly, if a case has been going on for two months since the DUI defense attorney was hired, that is nothing in the world of DUI. Sometimes, a DUI case can take a year if not longer. If a case is taking a while, that does not mean that the DUI attorney is doing nothing.

A delay can mean that the defense is waiting for discovery, and looking for more evidence. A few months delay is not significant in a DUI case, although it may seem like a long time to the defendant. In fact, a delay is usually a good thing for the defendant.

Usually, each reset is advantageous for the defendant, so why would a defendant want to expedite a conviction? It’s better to let the arresting officer’s memory of the event get cloudier and take advantage of what the officer can no longer remember about the arrest.

Are you feeling anxious about your case?

If you are feeling anxious about your case, please understand that this is a normal response. But remember, just because you feel it’s an emergency, it does not mean that it is one. If you have yet to hire an attorney, we would be glad to answer the following questions:

  • How long does it take for the DA to file DUI charges?
  • What is the statute of limitations for DUI?
  • How long do DUI cases normally take?
  • What needs to be done in my case?
  • Will a plea deal or trial serve me better?
  • Will you be waiting on subpoenas to be responded to?

If you notice a delay in your case, that may be a sign that your DUI defense attorney is being strategic, and positioning your case in a way that’s favorable to you.

If you don’t understand what your lawyer is trying to do, don’t assume that it means they’re doing nothing. Instead, ask them about their strategies and the reasons for them.

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