What You Should Know About DUI & Job Applications

Finding a new job that you love and that pays well can be a challenge, especially if you have a DUI on your record. With the black mark of a DUI hanging over your head, do you have to disclose your DUI arrest or conviction on job applications?

Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your DUI case, you may be able to withhold the information about your DUI on job applications.

You don't have to disclose information about drunk driving arrests unless the interviewer or application specifically asks about them. So basically, you don’t have to volunteer it, but if you’re asked about any DUI “arrests,” you certainly don’t want to lie about it.

A DUI arrest is very different from a DUI conviction, and potential jobs might not inquire about your arrest history, they may only be interested in criminal convictions. Our advice to you as a job applicant: don’t feel obligated to include information about past arrests if the application only mentions criminal convictions.

Defining Criminal Convictions

Arrests may be visible on a background check, so always be honest if the application asks for this information. Employers are more likely to ask about DUI convictions than arrests, but you’ll have to read the fine print carefully. The term "conviction" applies to the following situations:

  • A jury found you guilty of DUI
  • You plead "guilty" to DUI
  • You plead "no contest" for a plea bargain

It is fraud to withhold this information if the application asks for it. However, you may not be obligated to tell employers about your past DUI convictions if the court dismissed the charges against you.

Additionally, some applications only ask you to disclose "felony convictions." If this is the case, you do you not need to mention any misdemeanor DUI convictions on your record.

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