Did Police Break the Law During Your DUI Stop?

There is no reason to undermine law enforcement in Orange County as many can agree that the work of a police officer is dangerous. Day in and day out, officers deal with drug addicts, thieves and violent criminals. People often say that the police are underpaid for putting their lives on the line to make our communities safer, and they’re probably right.

Police patrol the streets to prevent citizens from making dangerous decisions that can harm others, but as in any profession, occasionally you get a bad apple or two. When a “bad cop” takes advantage of his authority, or abuses his power, citizens’ rights can be under assault.

While most cops are good people, occasionally, police do not respect the rights of those who suspected of a crime or are arrested. In these cases, law enforcement officers can and should be held liable for violating people’s rights.

DUI & Police Misconduct

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a hot-button topic with national efforts aimed at continually increasing penalties for those who are convicted of DUI. While so much pressure is aimed at preventing drivers who have consumed alcohol from getting behind the wheel of a car, police officers can often go out of their way to make an arrest.

Call it a “hunch,” or a lack of things to do while it’s quiet on patrol, but these reasons do not make it OK for law enforcement to get creative when it comes to making DUI arrests.

What happens when law enforcement breaks standard procedure and engages in actions that are inappropriate or unrequired? Standard procedure largely depends on the surrounding actions and circumstances, but a misstep in a DUI stop can cause the charges to get thrown out.

Law enforcement may feel like they were in danger or act on just a hunch, causing them to overstep their bounds as police. No matter what the case may be, anytime a police officer does something inappropriate or unconstitutional at a DUI stop, it warrants a closer look and investigation.

We want to know:

  • Was your vehicle stopped outside or near a bar?
  • Were you pulled over even though you did nothing wrong?
  • Is there dash cam or body cam footage of the stop?
  • What was the officer’s “reason” for stopping you?
  • Did you take the field sobriety tests?
  • What was your blood alcohol concentration (BAC)?
  • Were you polite and respectful during the stop?
  • Was the officer polite to you?

If you believe that law enforcement broke the law or violated your rights during your DUI arrest, consult an Orange County DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. Our firm will be able to determine whether or not law enforcement acted within their means and how this can affect the outcome of your case.

You have limited time to take action, so act immediately by calling our firm!

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