Why You Need a DUI Attorney

If you were arrested for driving under the influence in the last few days, you may be asking yourself, “Do I really need a DUI attorney?” Just ask any lawyer, this is a no brainer – yes you do need a DUI attorney!

If your income disqualifies you for a public defender (you earn too much), or if you simply prefer the idea of hiring a private DUI attorney because you believe they will have the time necessary to devote to your case, then you’re absolutely right.

Even if you think you can do it yourself, still, you need an attorney who specializes in DUI defense. But why? If you’re willing to do your research on the laws, why do you need to cough up the money to hire a DUI defense attorney?

First, not all attorneys are equal. For example, there are family law attorneys who dabble in other areas of law, such as DUI defense and bankruptcy, then there are DUI attorneys who specialize in DUI defense.

The latter lives and breathes for DUI cases. Sorry, but doing 10 or 20 hours of your own research just can’t compare to the level of knowledge, skill and experience that a good DUI defense attorney has developed after spending thousands of hours working in the trenches, before judges and juries and sitting across from prosecutors over a negotiating table.

Reasons to hire a DUI defense specialist:

  • They know California’s DUI laws and penalties.
  • They know the long-term impact of DUIs.
  • They know the local judges and prosecutors.
  • They know how to cross-examine arresting officers.
  • They can challenge DUI evidence from field sobriety tests, PAS tests, chemical tests, dash cam videos, body cameras, etc.
  • They understand search and seizure violations.
  • They know how to plea bargain with the prosecutor.
  • They have relationships with local prosecutors.
  • They understand the science behind drug-related DUIs.
  • They went to law school, and if you’re lucky, your attorney is a member of the National College for DUI Defense.

It’s simply impossible to compete with a trained DUI defense attorney. If you want to give yourself the best opportunity to fight your DUI charges, you’ll do two things: 1) find a DUI attorney who is a Board Certified DUI Defense expert, and 2) find someone who is a member of the National College for DUI Defense.

At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc., our founding attorney, Virginia L. Landry is both of these things and more. If you’re facing DUI charges in Orange County, don’t settle for second best or an attorney who dabbles in DUI defense – call our office to work with a real DUI specialist.

Call today to schedule a free case evaluation, you’ll be glad that you did.

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