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My #1 New Year's Resolution: No More Drunk Driving

Who doesn’t like to drink? Well, there are some people who are recovering alcoholics or people who are on such a cocktail of medications, that they just can’t take the risk, and there’s people who have religious or personal objections against drinking, and we respect them. Then, there’s the rest of us.

We’re talking about the soccer moms who love enjoying a good glass of Chardonnay or Moscato while chatting with fellow moms about toddler tantrums, sleep (what’s that?), Facebook, working out, and keeping their marriages alive, not to mention exciting.

We’re talking about the sales guys at the office who hit the local dive bar after meeting their quarterly goals, and the small house parties where we get together with our closest friends and everybody brings “what they like to drink.”

Let’s not forget the college kids who, for the first time in their lives are learning (legally) the difference between ales, lagers, pilsners, malts, ambers, blondes and darks – and we’re not talking about hair color preferences.

Then you’ve got the sports fanatics. It’s football season, so living rooms and sports bars everywhere are filled with guys (and gals), young and old shouting at flat screen TVs, and giving each other high-fives. Of course, the beer is flowing freely and what’s football without beer?

We live in America, and that means that we drink alcohol at virtually every joyous occasion. From baby showers to Christmas dinners, to Fourth of July barbeques, to birthday parties and everything in between, it’s hard to escape the liquor, but who’s complaining?

All the alcohol brings us to the dark side of drinking

Welcome to the ‘Dark Side’ of Drinking

Lots of Orange County residents drink. Whether they’re in college, or welcoming their third grandchild, drinking is a huge part of our society. Unfortunately, too many of us think that we are indestructible.

We drink and drive regularly because we think that we can handle our alcohol, and we won’t get caught. Some people even do it with their kids in the backseat on the way home from a family gathering.

If you are in the habit of drinking and driving, we urge you to please drink responsibly and rethink your behaviors. All it takes is one mistake, or one crash to take your life, or the lives of others.

What’s the best New Year’s resolution you can make for 2016? To stop drinking and driving, period.

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