Man Rescued by Jamie Foxx Busted for DUI

HIDDEN HILLS, Calif. – On Monday night at about 8:30 p.m. (Jan. 18), actor Jamie Foxx played one of the most important roles of his life, that of a Good Samaritan, when he and another witness pulled a man out of a burning vehicle, likely saving the man’s life.

The horrific crash happened near Foxx’s home outside of Los Angeles.

“Jamie didn’t hesitate. He jumped out and ran to the car,” one of his team member’s told ABC News.

According to a police press release, the driver, B. Kyle, 32, was driving a Toyota Tacoma when he struck a drainage ditch, causing him to lose control. The truck rolled several times before bursting into flames in front of Foxx’s gate.

When Foxx heard the crash, he ran to the accident scene. That’s when he and another witness saw that the driver was buckled inside. In fear that the truck was going to explode, Jamie and the other witness extricated the man, dragging his body about 30 feet to safety.

The police report explained how there were two witnesses near the collision. When they observed the crash, they ran over to the burning truck and attempted to free the driver.

One of the witnesses retrieved a rescue tool from their vehicle, which allowed them to break the Tacoma’s window, cut the driver’s seat belt, and remove the driver.

The driver of the Tacoma sustained a traumatic brain injury, as well as chest and neck trauma. In the press release, the police said that the driver of the Tacoma was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The crash occurred just a week after the Oscar-winning actor presented at the Golden Globe Awards. Foxx, 48, brought his daughter Corinne to the award ceremony, who proudly served as Miss Golden Globe.

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