Hidden Costs of a California DUI

If you were arrested for driving under the influence, you may be wondering, “Now what?” Do you plead guilty and take your punishment? After all, you did have a few too many drinks the other night. Or, do you hire an attorney and fight your charges?

If you’re already thinking these things, it’s only normal. You’re probably feeling very frustrated about now and maybe a little confused and overwhelmed. We understand! But before you succumb to the prosecution, please consider these hidden costs of a DUI conviction first…

You could lose your job.
Like most states, California is an “at will” employment state. That means your employer could fire you for any reason, including a DUI. If you have to go to jail for several months or if your DUI makes your company look bad, it could be cause for letting you go.

It could affect child custody.
Are you in the middle of a divorce? Or, are you fighting for custody of your child? A recent DUI on your record is NOT going to help you out. This is one of the most painful aspects of a DUI – how it can impact child custody.

It could ruin your career.
Are you a teacher, doctor, politician, nurse, or notary? If so, you could lose your job because of a DUI conviction, and your career can be negatively affected. However, this does not only apply to these occupations, many occupations are threatened by a DUI conviction.

It could hurt your credit.
If you’re convicted of DUI and you can’t afford to pay all of the fines and other associated costs, such as a bill from the California Highway Patrol for an accident, it can hurt your FICO score.

Your auto insurance will be insane.
Once someone is convicted of DUI, they enter the “at-risk” zone as far as auto insurance is concerned. If you’re convicted, expect to pay sky-high premiums for several years.

It will stay on your driving record for 10 years.
A DUI conviction stays on your California driving record for 10 years and there’s nothing you can do to remove it early.

You may not be able to drive clients around.
If you are a realtor and drive clients around, or if you have another job that involves driving, a DUI can preclude you from fulfilling your duties and driving people around. In other words, a DUI can be a career death sentence.

It could be problematic at future job interviews.
A lot of employers simply won’t hire someone with a criminal record, any criminal record. This means that at future job interviews, once the interviewer learns of your DUI, it can cause them to say, “You’re great, but we just done hire anybody with criminal records. It’s our policy.”

Is it worth it to fight your DUI charges? You bet it is. To get started, contact an Orange County DUI lawyer from the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. All of our first consultations are free.

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