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Can You Trick a Breathalyzer?

As you probably know, a breathalyzer device measures a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). In order to do this, the device measures the alcohol level in a person’s breath sample. If you’re like most people who like to indulge in a few drinks once in a while, you may have wondered, “Is there any way to trick a breathalyzer?”

From sucking on pennies to swigging mouthwash to some tactics that are too offensive to mention, people have been trying to beat breathalyzers ever since law enforcement began using them. So, have any of them actually worked?

Many clever ideas have been tested, however, they were either ineffective or they had the opposite effect of what they were intended to do – some of them caused people to test a higher BAC.

These May Worsen a Breathalyzer Test

Obviously, we’re mostly concerned with things that could make your breath even more alcoholic. We don’t suggest trying these things unless you want to up your chances of being charged with DUI.

  • Using breath spray right before the test. That’s because many of them contain alcohol. You should also know that some breath sprays can give you a false positive for a good 20 minutes after you sprayed them in your mouth.
  • If you keep a bottle of Listerine in your car door just in case you need it before a date or…a traffic stop, think again. Listerine and similar formulas have about 27% alcohol in them. Many breath mints also contain sugar alcohol.
  • Holding your breath is not a good idea. Doing so allows even more alcohol to diffuse into the lungs. This can actually spike the BAC measured by the breathalyzer to .15%, well above the legal limit of .08%.
  • If you belch into the breathalyzer (on purpose), the burp can give you a higher BAC reading than if you only breathed into the device.

Don’t bother sucking on pennies, chewing on gum, or eating your underwear – yes people have tried it. While they won’t increase your BAC results, they won’t do anything to lower it either.

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