Lesser-Known Consequences of a DUI

You probably already know that a DUI conviction can mean jail time, heavy fines, and community service, among other court-imposed penalties, but what you may not realize is that there are many lesser-known consequences of a DUI, otherwise known as collateral consequences of a DUI conviction.

By "collateral consequences," we mean consequences that are not necessarily court or DMV imposed, but result as the natural ramifications of having this type of conviction on your record. Perhaps one of the most common is the skyrocketing insurance premiums. Surely, you knew about that.

Some of these collateral consequences may seem obvious, while others are little thought of but could greatly impact your future.

Insurance: One of the more obvious collateral consequences of a DUI is the damage this type of criminal charge has on auto insurance. You can expect increased rates, or your insurance company may drop you as a policyholder altogether.

Restrictions on International Travel: One lesser-known consequence of a DUI conviction is that this can impede your ability to travel internationally. For example, you may have to obtain a special waiver before you enter Canada, or wait until your DUI probation is over before you can travel there.

Career and Employment Issues: California is an “at will employment state.” Thus, your employer reserves the right to discipline you or terminate your employment contract after a DUI conviction, especially if one of your job duties is driving.

Professional Licenses: You may lose your professional license permanently or have it suspended (e.g. commercial driver's license (CDL) or pilot's license).

Custody or Adoption Issues: If you are in the midst of the child custody battle, foster parenting or adoption process, social workers and/or the family court will not look kindly on a criminal DUI conviction.

Possible Suspension from College: Some colleges, universities, athletic teams, and other private organizations can suspend students and athletes for DUI convictions.

Immigration-Related Problems: Anyone who is not yet a U.S. citizen or has their green card may run into problems if they are convicted of a DUI, especially if it’s a felony DUI or if there was a child in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Why DUI Expungement May Be Right for You

Some people qualify for expungement or "record clearing." This can effectively re-open your DUI case and a judge will change the verdict. While the offense won't be completely wiped out, people who view your criminal record will see that a DUI was there previously, but that it has been expunged.

Whether you need a DUI attorney to avoid a conviction, or you are interested in getting your DUI expunged, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. today!

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