Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk

Whether it’s been a long week at the office and you’re throwing back a few with co-workers at the local watering hole on a Friday night, or you had a bunch of friends stop by and it turned into an impromptu house party, or your friend had one too many while watching the game at your favorite bar, sometimes when we drink, we’re put in awkward situations by the end of the night.

Perhaps you’ve had three or eight beers yourself and you’re not exactly thinking clearly, and your friends aren’t either. Or, you’re at the bar and even though you’re intoxicated, you’re pulling out your phone to call Uber or Lyft and keeping your car keys in your pocket.

When Your Drunk Friend Wants to Drive

Now your friend, the guy or gal who is stumbling next to you, they’re insisting that they’re “perfectly fine” to drive home – not so fast!

We’ve all been there and depending on whether your friend is a happy drunk or an angry drunk, prying the keys from an intoxicated person can be hard, but you have to find another alternative to letting them drive home.

Here are some “nice” ways to intervene:

  • If it’s a close friend, nicely suggest that they’ve had too much to drink and it would be safer if a sober driver took them home or if they called a cab.
  • Take a calm approach, even joke about it or make light of it.
  • If you don’t know the person well, talk to their friends and make sure they find a way to get their keys. They should listen.
  • If it’s a close friend or your significant other, tell them that if they insist on driving that you will not go with them. You can suggest calling a cab, getting a ride, or even walking.
  • When the person is preoccupied, locate their keys and take them away. They will most likely think that they lost them and look for another way home.
  • If possible, it’s best to avoid confrontation, embarrassing them, and being angry with them, particularly when you’re dealing with a man. This not only makes them appear vulnerable to the effects of alcohol, the situation can escalate.

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