Driving Government Vehicles in CA with an Order for an IID

If you are facing driving under the influence charges in Orange County, California and you drive a government vehicle for your work, you may be concerned about how a conviction would affect your ability to drive the government vehicle, especially if you are required to install an ignition interlock device (IID).

Let’s say that you are convicted of DUI and you are ordered to install an IID, as a federal employee do you have to install the IID in the government vehicle as well?

Notifying Your Employer

You should be able to drive the government vehicle provided by your employer without having to install an IDD, however, you will have to notify your employer and you’ll need to complete a DL923 with the DMV and keep it inside the vehicle where you can easily access it.

As long as you are upfront with your employer, you should be fine providing they are okay with your DUI conviction. Sometimes, an employee’s driving history can present a problem with the insurance company, however, it’s a different with government agencies since they’re often “self-insured.”

Typically, the IID requirement does not apply to employers’ vehicles assuming the employer receives the notice form DL923.

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If you’re a federal employee who’s facing DUI charges, it’s in your best interests to fight your DUI charges to try and get your charges reduced or dismissed. While a DUI is not good for anyone’s career, you certainly don’t want one on your record if you’re a federal employee, especially one who drives a government vehicle as a part of their duties.

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