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Can a Teen Get a Restricted License After a California DUI?

Not all teens have it easy. Some teens need jobs to help support their families, while others need jobs to support themselves while they go to college. What if you’re a 12th grader with a job whose license was suspended for one year following a conviction for driving under the influence?

You need your job, so the question is: can you qualify for a restricted license like someone who is 21 or over and convicted of DUI?

First off, we want to commend you for being a teenager who is taking on so much responsibility. We all have to deal with setbacks and hopefully our advice will help you out of your situation.

Can you get a restricted license? The chances are very slim, but there is another way. What you want to do is seek a critical need license under Vehicle Code Section 13202.5(c).

If successful, the juvenile court judge can state on the record that you have a “critical need” to drive. Otherwise, your driver’s license will be suspended for one full year.

Next, you would take this to the DMV, but that is not all that you will need. You will still have to fill out an application for this type of license. With a critical need license, you’re allowed to drive to and from certain “critical” places.

Qualifying for a Critical Need Restriction

After your license has been suspended for 30 days, you may apply for a critical need driver’s license only if:

  • You completed a PAS or chemical test with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .01% or higher, and
  • You can show that you have a critical need to drive.

Critical need restriction is very limited; in order to qualify you must be able to verify that a critical need exists and no other adequate transportation exists. Also, you must be a first offender and you must have completed a PAS or chemical test.

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