How DUIs Impact Educational Opportunities

The consequences of a DUI go beyond the license suspension, fines, insurance increases, and a criminal conviction. If you’re a student, it can impact your educational opportunities. Colleges and licensing boards have reservations about DUIs, so before you enter a guilty plea to a DUI charge, be sure to discuss your educational plans with a DUI attorney.

DUI arrests and convictions can affect your educational opportunities. First, the majority of colleges require that applicants list any criminal arrests or convictions on their applications, and this includes DUI offenses. If an applicant has multiple DUI arrests or convictions, they may be denied entrance into their college of choice.

If you only have one DUI conviction, the college may be willing to admit you providing you complete a drug or alcohol counseling program.

While some schools will not deny you entry if you have one DUI arrest or conviction, if you fail to disclose the DUI arrest or conviction on your application and the school finds out, it could result in a denial of admission. That’s because lying on applications goes against admission policies.

DUIs After Admission to a College or University

If a DUI defendant is already enrolled in a college or university and they’re arrested for DUI, the school’s policies govern the effects of the DUI arrest or conviction.

Many colleges have a policy that says that students must report any arrests to their administration within a certain number of days. Often, it’s the failure to report, not the DUI arrest itself, that can lead to a student being suspended.

If a student is arrested for multiple DUI offenses, the college may decide that “enough is enough” and either temporarily or permanently suspend a student’s admission.

Students often don’t realize that even a temporary suspension can affect their financial aid due to school policies or the subsequent drop in grades because the student isn’t allowed to return to class.

DUIs can affect financial aid, for example, many federal programs won’t provide financial aid to students with felony DUI convictions. If you’re trying to get a scholarship, even a DUI arrest can result in a denial, especially if it’s a close decision and the student you’re up against has a spotless record.

If you’re concerned about how a DUI will impact your future, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. to discuss your case for free with a Board Certified DUI defense specialist!

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