Drunk Passenger Attacks Uber Driver in Costa Mesa

An assault against an Uber driver in Orange County, California was captured on tape. The assault took place on Friday, Oct. 30 at around 8 p.m. after an Uber driver asked a drunk passenger to get out of his car. That’s when the passenger flipped a switch and went on the attack.

While the majority of passengers didn’t cause trouble for E. Caban, that all changed when he picked up an inebriated passenger who refused to wear a seatbelt and couldn’t provide clear directions to his destination.

On the video Caban tells the passenger that he’s too drunk to give him directions. Caban calmly says that he’s kicking him out; he tells the passenger to get out of the car or he’ll call the police.

Caban said that the next thing he knew, he had fists flying at his face and he reached for the pepper spray.

The passenger continued to strike Caban, swearing and yanking his hair. According to CBS Los Angeles, a law enforcement official said that the 32-year-old Uber passenger, B. Golden, was a senior marketing manager for Taco Bell.

Caban said that the only way that he felt he was going to get Golden to stop beating him was to incapacitate him, to use some sort of self-defense. Caban didn’t believe that he would have stopped.

Caban said that he installed a camera in his car because he’s had unruly passengers before; he uses the footage for evidence.

Uber Passenger Wants to Apologize

Golden is now the target of a criminal investigation by the Orange County district attorney and a lawsuit from the Uber driver. Golden wants to apologize to the Uber driver, saying that he was drunk and that his behavior was not only inexcusable, but out of character.

Golden, 32, says that he has no memory of attacking Caban that night in Costa Mesa, and that it’s not him in the video. He said it’s hard to watch and he’s ashamed of his behavior.

Caban used pepper spray on Golden in self-defense. He says that he’s afraid of him and has no intention of meeting him for an apology.

After the assault went viral, Golden was fired from his job as a marketing executive at Taco Bell.

Golden is facing four misdemeanor charges, including assault and battery. If he’s convicted, he could spend up to a year behind bars. Meanwhile, Caban is suing Golden for at least $25,000 for intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault.

Golden told CBS Los Angeles that he doesn’t think he has a drinking problem, despite the fact that he pleaded guilty to DUI in Kentucky in 2012. However, he is seeking counseling.

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