Orange County's DUI Court for Repeat Offenders

If you were recently arrested for your second or third DUI, then you’re soon going to learn about Orange County’s DUI Court.

The Superior Court of California’s DUI Court is a court-supervised program that was designed to help multiple DUI offenders without a history of gang activity, violence, or drug sales. DUI Court is a voluntary program which combines comprehensive treatment with regular court appearances.

Once a defendant has been approved for the program, he or she must plead guilty to the DUI charge. Then, their DUI sentence will be stayed (halted) and they will begin their course of supervision and treatment.

What does DUI Court involve?

Each participant will be assessed, and a treatment program will be created based on the findings of the assessment. This is an outpatient program, which includes:

  • Group sessions.
  • Probation supervision.
  • Regular court appearances.
  • Random drug and alcohol testing.
  • Weekly on-on-one sessions with licensed therapist, or a master’s level clinician who is supervised by a licensed therapist.
  • Self-help meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • DMV-mandated alcohol offender education program.

In order for a participant to successfully complete the Drug Court program, they must remain drug and alcohol free, with the exception of approved medications. They must also live in a home that is drug and alcohol free.

Why DUI Court

The problem of drinking and driving has existed in our society since the invention of the automobile. Over the years, statistics have shown that stiff fines and imprisonment do not deter many drivers from drinking and driving.

Scientific literature shows that fines and penalties do not reduce recidivism, but may be increasing it. The concept is not for DUI Court to be soft on crime, but that treatment is better than incarceration.

Many graduates of the program have stated that if they had taken the jail option (instead of DUI court), they would have almost certainly gone back to drinking and driving upon release from jail.

The courts have found that most participants experience improved health, better success at work, and better relationships with their family and friends.

The goal of DUI Court is to treat the whole person, and to assist in every way possible to ensure that the participant gets whatever help is needed.

Looking for an Orange County DUI attorney?

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