Celebrities & DUI Don't Always Mix

When the average person gets arrested for DUI, it doesn’t usually make the headlines, but depending on the details of a person’s life, a DUI conviction can have long-lasting consequences. Several months in jail for a DUI can lead to a job loss, it can place a single parent’s child with a guardian, and it can make a driver virtually unemployable.

What about celebrities? We’ve all seen the headlines about Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Amanda Bynes, Heather Locklear, and most recently Will Patton and Bernard Pierce. For many of them, it seems like even bad publicity is good publicity. Besides, Hollywood stars can usually afford to pay a chauffeur to drive them everywhere they go, so a DUI doesn’t seem to affect celebs as much as non-celebrities.

This may be true – but only to a point. There’s all different kinds of celebrities, some of which are in entertainment, journalism, sports, and government. Depending on the celebrity’s profession and the type of reputation they’re trying to uphold, a DUI conviction can tank a hard-won career.

DUI and Football Players

While a first-time DUI may be merely a hiccup for an actor, for football players it can be a whole other story. Take for instance Bernard Pierce, who predicted his fate while riding in the back of a police car following a DUI arrest earlier this month.

According to the charging documents, Pierce asked the arresting officer if he knew what happened the last time a Ravens player got a DUI. Pierce told the officer that he was getting cut the next day, and he was right.

Just twelve hours later, the backup running back was told by general manger Ozzie Newsome, that the Ravens were cutting him from the team. This was not the first, but the third arrest of a Ravens player in this offseason, and the eight arrest in 13 months.

Since the flurry of arrests in the past year, the Ravens have adopted a tougher stance when it comes to players breaking the law. After Pierce’s release, the Ravens were getting fed up, and decided they were much more willing to nix players who broke the law. A celebrity DUI may bring lots of publicity, but that doesn’t mean that it’s helping anybody’s career.

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