California's "SCRAM" Device

If you’ve had multiple DUIs in California, the judge may order that you use the SCRAM device, otherwise known as the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring™ device. The SCRAM device is an ankle bracelet that combines optional house arrest monitoring with 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing.

The SCRAM bracelet was specifically designed for high-risk, repeat DUI offenders. The SCRAM system is the most widely used and trusted device on the market today, and is used by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Benefits of a SCRAM device:

  • Achieves 99.3% compliance each day
  • Tests for alcohol every 30 minutes 24 hours a day
  • There are no backup tests required
  • It’s continuous testing doesn’t allow the offender to drink around test schedules
  • Goes wherever the offender goes
  • It’s most effective for offenders who are addicted to alcohol
  • Works well with treatment
  • Better identifies when intervention is necessary

Am I a candidate for a SCRAM device?

SCRAM devices are court-ordered for “hardcore drunk drivers” – a term established by the Century Council to identify repeat, high BAC, alcohol-dependent drivers.

Characteristics of a hardcore drunk driver:

  • Multiple DUI arrests and convictions
  • High BAC (.15% or above) at the time of arrest
  • Has a history of alcohol abuse
  • Believes they can drive safely with a high BAC

In DUI cases, it is not uncommon for judges to order the DUI defendant to abstain from alcohol, otherwise risk going to jail. Occasionally, the judge will order that the defendant wears a SCRAM device in order to ensure compliance with their order.

Judges only order the SCRAM device when the defendant has prior DUIs, and a serious drinking problem. You could be ordered to wear the device for 30 days, or for over a year. The timeframe depends on the seriousness of your DUI offense, how many prior DUIs you have, and the severity of your drinking problem.

If you are ordered to wear a SCRAM device and you consume alcohol, tamper with, or remove the bracelet, the regional monitoring center will inform the court.

Are you a repeat DUI offender in Orange County and concerned that the court may order a SCRAM device? If so, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, Inc. to discuss your charges in a free case evaluation!

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