Federal Safety Officials Name Impaired Driving as Top Concern

Earlier this month, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its annual Most Wanted List, which features the top 10 transportation safety concerns according to the federal agency. This year's list included issues that included distracted driving, mass transit safety, and commercial trucking regulations. It also listed a safety concern that has long plagued transportation sectors across America: impaired driving.

According to the NTSB substance impairment in transportation continues to be one of the most devastating and common causes of preventable accidents. As part of its annual list, the NTSB cited a number of alarming statistics that show just how dangerous impaired driving is; it's a factor in thousands of injuries and deaths every year.

Addressing the Issue

One of the most distinguishing things about the NTSB Most Wanted List is that in addition to raising awareness about transportation safety concerns, it also calls for action and suggests ways to address the underlying issue.

The NTSB Most Wanted List proposed the following improvements to address impaired driving:

  • Stronger impaired driving laws
  • Increased use of high-visibility enforcement
  • Expanded use of existing technology, including ignition interlock devices
  • Development of new technology to deter alcohol/drug impairment

All of the suggestions, while no easy feat to implement nationally, have been enacted to some degree in many states and jurisdictions over time. Today, impaired driving laws and enforcement of those laws are stronger than they have ever been. Still, the NTSB wants them to go even further. Recently, the agency even suggested lowering the BAC legal limit from .08 to .05.

In addition to stronger laws, authorities have begun making DUI enforcement a top priority. This means that more officers are looking for signs of impaired drivers and giving motorists little leniency. Ignition interlock devices have also been adopted as a common punishment and impaired driving deterrent. Make no mistake that drunk and drugged driving is high on the list of concerns for safety officials, law enforcement, and lawmakers. Authorities are on high alert for impaired drivers, and the law punishes offenders harshly.

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